World’s 7 Most Delicious Food Cuisines

By | October 30, 2017

Craving for some irresistible food today? Well you surely cannot miss out seven of this awesome world’s most delicious Food before you die!

7 Most Delicious Food Cuisines

  • Go Mexican!

None has escaped the spell of Mexican fajitas, tacos and enchiladas. While the three may look almost similar to each other, there’s a great variation in taste. While tacos have a hard shell, enchiladas contain stuffing of shredded meat, cheese and sauces which are inserted into soft corn tortillas, baked and topped again with cheese and sauces. On the other hand, Fajitas are grilled strip steaks rolled in thin corn sheets.



  • The Desi Indian Tadka

Known for its rich and spicy taste, some of the most popular Indian dishes are Paneer Tikka, Chicken Tandoori and Butter Chicken. A country with such a diverse culture possesses a production house of uncountable drooling dishes both in the vegetarian and non-vegetarian category. The dishes have a rich flavour of indigenous grown spices or ‘masalas’ and are usually topped with ‘ghee’ and ‘coriander’ to enhance the aroma.


  • The Mouth Melting Mediterranean Kebabs

Finely ground meat, mixed with raw papaya and condiments,when grilled on a skewer, makes an unparalleled combination of great taste, aristocracy and a sense of being Royal. While some of the authentic kebab recipes are made of either beef or ground meat, in India you can even find chicken and vegetarian kebabs. Some of the world famous kebabs are – Seekh kebab, Gulati kebab, hariyali chicken kebab, Lahori kebab, chicken reshmi kebab and more.


  • The Aroma of the Greek Herbs

It’s almost magical to believe that how few simple ingredients like Olive oil, vegetables, herbs, lemon juice, wine, eggplant, zucchini, yogurt, fish and meat can tickle your taste buds to its core. Some of the typical dishes of Greek cuisine are Chaniotiko Boureki (an oven baked dish of vegetables with cheese and mint), Kotapita, Chortopita and Spanakotyropita (Veggies and Chicken wrapped in triangle sheets), Greek Salad, Saganaki and more. Greek food is often complemented with drinks like Meze.


  • The Italian Pastas and Pizzas

Probably everyone in this world has tasted these lovely slices of wonder. Pizzas are usually made up of a flour base and topped with choice of vegetables, meat, sauces and cheese and savoured with Italian seasoning like Oreganos, Chilli Flakes, Roasted Garlic and Mixed herbs. Both Pizza and Pasta are baked recipes.


  • The British Pies

The British are world famous for their baked fish pies. These delicious fish pies are made with white fish fillets, smoked haddocks, milk, butter, potato, cheddar cheese and delicate spices. The pie has a soft outer coating with a creamy and relishing filling inside. Other famous British dishes are: Bedfordshire Clanger, Bangers and Mash, Dumplings, Apple Pies, Custards and more.


  • The Oriental flavours of China

This is perhaps the only cuisine that activates every centre of your taste bud, all at the same time. The Indian-ised version of the Chinese cuisine, which was originated on the streets of Kolkata,has an exotic and spicy touch to these traditional Chinese dishes.


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