Why bytecoin price should be in top 10 crypto currencies

By | May 4, 2018

What is Bytecoin (BCN):

Bytecoin (BCN) was started in 2012 with the supply of 184 Billion coins, and it is a private decentralized cryptocurrency to make secure online and offline transaction worldwide. Bytecoin price at lunch is $0.00017. Using bytecoin cryptocurrency will be safe and secure and they keep our privacy and security.

In April 2017 the bytecoin price was trading at $0.0001 with the volume of $200k. Bitcoin craze on the head the coin price was $0.017 in Jan 2018. After cryptocurrency market starts falling down, almost 90% markets lose 80% to 90% their coin price. Again market in bullish trend it’s the best time to invest in bytecoin to make a good profit. The Current Bytecoin price is $0.0071 or 74 Sat and expecting price 2000 to 2500 Satoshi by end of the year.

Bytecoin 2018 Roadmap

Bytecoin Roadmap 2018


Why it should be in top 10 in crypto market

Transaction fees:

Current fees structure is 0.01 to 0.02 (BCN), after a hardfork, it will be dynamically…

Market Foot Print:

Current Market Capital: $1,337,170,159 USD

Since 2012 bytecoin was started and making a good step in the market. The highest Bytecoin price is in Jan 2018 $0.0178 in BTC (0.00000115). And the highest daily volume of the coin is $74,879,140.


Maximum supply of the coin is around 184,000,000,000 (184 Billion). The global population is around 7,600,000,000 (7.6 Billion).

Security Features:

Bytecoin used cryptographic algorithms that are hard for a hacker to steal our coin.

Example: Every transaction has a unique key for every new transaction, the same person cant able to use that key for another transaction.

All transactions are extremely private and secure.

Top Exchanges

  • Poloniex
  • Hitbtc

Bytecion Community:

Highly strong community over the globe and it’s still growing fast recently added in Asian market supporting. And there are many Bytecoin supporters like us in the community. Bytecoin is already popular in USA, Russia, and Europe and now start working on Asian Market.

For any question, you may contact the supportive team on the telegram. t.me/bytecoinchat


Bitcoin: 1GstYAEWsmadQHqRCkDNTif8JtzbmufJCK

Dogecoin: DMrTk1h1DGpASGczFbg5PjoLRE9CixM5SJ

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