Stress Management Techniques for Stress Free Life

By | September 30, 2017

Even the richest man in this world and the most eternally loved person, may not be able escape the curse of a stressed life! However, if one has a clear vision of incorporating certain simple stress management techniques in his day to day routine, he is bound to live a stress free and a happy life.

  1. Be aware of your stress levels

Yes!Doctor’s use ‘stress test’ to learn about your daily stress levels! Typically, it’s an exercise test in which your body’s reactionary mechanism is monitored and noted. Chronic stress can lead to heart disease, high blood pressure, hair loss, depression and even memory loss in the long run. The earlier you learn and be aware that you are stressed out and need to calm down immediately, the more it is beneficiary for your mind and body.

Realize how stress affects your brain- watch here (Stress Management)


  1. No better medicine than meditation and exercise

A harmless and a fruitful solution to live a stress free lifeis to practice everyday meditation. Most people know that meditation is all about closing your eyes, taking deep breaths and relaxing for a short time period, however, there are certain rules and meditation techniquesthat you must follow in order to take away the most out of meditation. Reiki is another form of meditation which aims at spiritual healing by capturing positive energy around you. Exercise and toxins help you shake off the excess toxin load in your body that were abruptly produced during the stress period and also brings in more oxygen to your bloodstream that allows you to perform better.


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  1. No negativity around!

Decluttering all the negative vibes around you would dismantle half of your stress levels. If you have financial constraints, then start saving and look for other sources of income and if you have a ruthless and a demotivating boss despite of your unparalleled and consistent hard work, then it would be the wisest decision of your lifetime to switch to another job immediately- even if it pays a little lesser!

  1. Express productivity within the time frame

Don’t leave things to do at a later time- it would only pile up at the end and you would be freaking out to meet your burdensome goals in the last hour. If a job requires to be completed within one hour, then try to get it done within forty five minutes! Constant delays not only makes you feel stressed, but it also portraits a lousy image of yours to the higher authorities.

  1. Indulge yourself in happy activities

All work and no play, makes life boring and stressed! Indulge yourself in creative activities like art, music and dance, or spend some time in doing leisure activities to combat stress. Partying on the weekends and going occasionally for an adventurous safari, vacation or even a skydiving session, is a superb stress management technique to live a stress free life.

  1. Love yourself and people around you

You must realise that, in your bad times, it’s only your loved ones, friends and family who are going to support you. Moreover, if you keep others happy and spread a positive vibe of people around yourself, it will definitely help you in living a stress free and a mentally balanced life.

Experienced psychologists say that if you follow six of these simple and easy approaches towards life, you are bound to work successfully, increase your productivity and stay fit as well!


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