Social Media Sites help you to get more visitors for your blog

By | October 29, 2017

Social Media Sites : If you are aspiring to be a great blogger one day, then there must be one question that is constantly  swirling on your brains – ‘why some posts that are just a few hours old, get viral instantaneously with over million views and why your three days or more old posts just received mere five or ten views?’

We know how hard you are working to make some awe-inspiring content for your new blog. Though unique contents generally grab the attention of many people, it’s quite difficult to build your ‘first’ audiences. Nevertheless, it’s the right time that you realize that sharing your contents with followers on social media sites is the fastest way through which you can grow your business and let the world know about you.

How social media sites increase viewership?

Social Networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are currently the most popular platforms through which you can start your viewership campaigning with. Both these sites have tools that help you communicate with the right kind of audiences with your blog. For example, if you are a fashion blogger in India, then it would be necessary to first grab viewers from your locality and your geographical area before you make the blog pan-continental. Based on the data available on these social media sites, you can target your viewers based on their age, sex, location, interests, relationship status and others. Not only this, social media sites also help you in:

  • Getting all the information about your competitor blog sites and thus creating posts that are better than them.
  • Through Hashtags and Meta tagging, Social Media Sites helps in increasing your website traffic and also to get better ranking results in search engines like Google.
  • Creating ads at very nominal rates with social media sites helps you get more audiences, and especially target audiences. For example, applying for the minimalistic ad value for a particular post can generate about 200% more viewership than what you have been getting till now.
  • Through social media sites, you get face to face with your audiences. The truth about the likeness, uniqueness, and popularity of your blog posts will be revealed through the comment and like features of social media sites. By analyzing the comments and the like counts, you can improvise your blog for the betterment.
  • On this day, every person who knows anything about the gadget world is definitely associated with Facebook or Twitter. So, even if he can’t find your blogging site on search engines, he or she would definitely find you on your Facebook page!

Additional tips and creativity to direct more visitors to your blog

  • Announce a competition

Announcing a rewarding competition will definitely attract more viewers. You can either announce cash payments, free vouchers, gifts or some other stuff that will be relevant you your blog. Sad but true, ‘humans are born to have more’.

  • Attach pictures and videos to your posts

The human eye is attracted to colors and uniqueness. When you add conspicuous pictures to your blog posts or attach a relevant video, it’s surely not going to skip out from the overloaded home page of your viewer’s Facebook or Twitter accounts. YouTube is another popular social media site through which you can get instantaneous viewership. Attach a small video about your blog in a unique way and see the magic happen!

  • Creating SEOs, Metatags and Hashtags

SEO means Search Engine Optimization, and by choosing the correct set of words and phrases, you can be searched easily by other people on search engines like Google.


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