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Online Own Business Start ups Ideas that can make you Rich

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How often have you portrayed yourself as a successful businessperson or a multi-millionaire? It’s said that more than 60% of the educated class aspire to kick start a worthy Own business. However, only 3% of them have actually been able to transform their dreams into reality. The foremost hindrance for a successful business start-up is perhaps a noble and a unique business start-up ‘idea’ that could instantly make you rich. Here are some of the most successful, realistic and unique business start-ups India ideas that you must consider and imply:

  1. E-commerce consultant

E-commerce has rapidly taken a pace over the past decade in India. While setting up a E-commerce business like that of Flipkart and Snapdeal may take up years to get back actual returns, gearing up as a e-commerce consultant is an easy and a profitable business start-up plan. E-commerce consultants are practically involved in online business development and help new entrepreneurs to build a successful e- commerce business, and in turn get paid in lump sum or through loyalty points as the specific business grows up. The start-up plan only demands for your expert knowledge and development skills.

  1. eBay Assistant/Consultant

If you are planning to open up a store like Jabong, and possess some materials to start your business with, you may often face difficulty fetching fresh customers and building trust in them. Moreover, site maintenance and after service assistance may be heck lot of a problem for new establishments. Therefore, to ease off the mediating requirements between the seller and the buyer, eBay provides a platform where you can start your online own business. With other platforms like Snapdeal and Flipkart, you may require a TIN, however, with eBay anyone can sell whatever he wishes to and rest of the work would be done by eBay Assistant.

  1. Online Diet and Fitness

During the past 5 years and looking at the rising number of cases associated with obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and various others, there has been raising awareness about diet and fitness. Today, diet and fitness are the two most searched topics on Google. So, taking this route, you may either start up a fitness blog or earn through advertisements or you can start selling unique fitness products and services to your site visitors. This business start-up idea definitely requires extensive research and expert guidance as you want your business to prosper and definitely do not want to make a fool out of your customers by giving them misleading information about their health.

  1. e- Coupons and e- Bargains

For this, you just need to be aware and act like a mediator. Keep on track daily offers provided by big e-commerce companies, retailers, merchants, service providers and others and leak their offers and coupon codes at one place- that is, on the domain name or website you own. If you make a tie up with the merchant and someone buys the product through your site, you get paid by the redirected merchant, per click. Though initially it is slow money making process, sites like couponraja, coupondunia and couponkoz have made a huge hit.