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Why you must stop taking Supplements


Must stop taking Supplements: Once we start caring about our health, sooner or later, we might get the gut feeling of being unable to completely meet the exact micro nutrients and vitamin requirements of our body, even when we try our best to include nutrition enriched healthy fruits and veggies in our everyday diet. That’s the very reason why many of us love relying on pills and health supplements to meet our nourishment goals- the easy way.

It would be wrong to say that dietary supplements are harmful for your body. Dietary supplement, if chosen wisely, are potent enough to nourish you with essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids and secret ingredients from the herbal world that have the power to waive of several ailments as well – that’s the reason why they exist and that’s why many doctors prescribe them to particular patients.

However, not only accepted by doctors, but many leading health supplement manufacturers and nutrition experts accept that, not all health supplements are effective and neither all of them suit everybody. In fact, if health supplement aren’t taken with enough precaution they may just harm, or even worse, may damage your vital organs in the long run.

It’s not enough to just read the label before you opt to add health supplements to your life. For example, certain weight loss supplements contain the ingredient called bitter orange. However, only a few of us know that bitter orange can cause high blood pressure and an increase in heart rate – thus can be potentially dangerous for cardiovascular affected individuals, in the long run. Thus, not only should you read the label well, but you also need to do your homework over side effects of each of the ingredients of your health supplement. To be on the safe side, it’s always advisable to ask a nutritionist or a doctor to know better about the suitability of a particular supplement.

You should take health supplements with high precaution, especially when you are already under medical supervision and consuming prescription drugs. Even if the ingredients listed on the health supplement jar says that its herbal, the latter is potent enough to release chemicals and react with your regular prescription drugs – which may even cause a fatal scenario.