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How to make money with Google AdSense

The world’s largest Internet platform lets you earn huge bouts of money with zero investment! Though, the entire program definitely doesn’t require any monetary investment for start-up, but earning with Google AdSense does require your hard work and your ability to stand out unique.

Google AdSense is a revenue sharing program through which you can place relevant ads on your websites. When your site’s visitors come across or click on the popping ads, you get paid!

Who can get subscribed to the Google AdSense?

Ad Sense is not a ‘quick get rich’ scheme. It requires hard work and patience, but it is definitely worth it. You can create a blog or any other website that has unique content. When you get sufficient page views and your site earns some popularity, you can subscribe to Google AdSense program. Do remember that, Google AdSense is very strict in accepting your contents. If your website is not popular or it doesn’t have sufficient page views or you have abrupt and repetitive contents, or any other violation of Google AdSense terms, it is very likely that your AdSense approval will get rejected by Google.

How to proceed about it and manage your Google AdSense Account?

After you have created a unique content-based website, gained sufficient views and got approved by Google AdSense’s team, here’s how you can manage your Google AdSense account:

Step 1: Go to Google AdSense and Create or Sign in to your Google AdSense Account.

Step 2: Create a New ‘Ad Unit’. Content > Ad Units > New ad

Step 3: Name your ad and then adjust the settings according to what might look the best for your website –Style, Font, Size and others that could possibly generate more clicks.

Step 4: Set your ‘ad type’ for your target audiences. Ad type lets you select whether you need text rich, or image rich, or a combination of both types of ads on your site. You can both use Google Pre-sets or use customized settings to set a preferred ad type.

Step 5: Create a ‘Custom Channel’. This helps advertisers to place your ads on your ad units. Make your task easier by grouping relevant contents.

Step 6: Save the HTML code of your ad unit to embed these on your website.

Optimizing and Fine tuning your ads

It’s important that you are determined and know about your right target audiences before you place an ad unit on your website. For example, if you are running an educational blog, then adding relevant ads like buying books or eBooks would generate more revenue. Unlike other ad programs, Google AdSense has an awesome feature of placing automatic ads,based on contextual targeting and audience’s interest based advertising. Here are some tips that will boost up your earnings:

How you get paid?

Google AdSense pays you according to the number of clicks or page views. For example, 100 page views can earn you $0.03 to $1. Some sites can earn money with just 50 or 60 posts and others can earn approximately the same amount of money with more than 1000 posts!The earnings are kept as secret by Google and no one definitely knows how much you can approximately get paid per click. It all depends on how unique your content is. Tagging, Metatagging and optimizing(SEOs) your page based on keywords helps in increasing page views. The better the content, the more the number of page views. And subsequently, if you can impress Google, you will get paid.

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