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5 Home Made Recipes that will kick start Healthy Hair Growth

Healthy Hair

Whether you go with the Allopathic or the Homeopathic medical treatment paths, the chances of Healthy Hair Growth will depend upon person to person. However, if nothing positive happens, it’s more often than never, that these expensive treatment solutions usually come up with dozens of side effects and long term problems associated with them. And, this is the reason why we are constantly looking for natural remedies. Moreover, the commercially labelled ‘natural products’ are often secretly loaded with chemicals that may be harmful for your Healthy Hair. So, what can be a better solution than hand picking fresh ingredients from the laps of nature and preparing the food for your hair yourself?

Here are the 5 best and easy homemade recipes that will encourage Healthy Hair Growth, nourish and vitalize your hair and make them look fuller and healthier:


1.       Castor oil and Almond oil massage

Professionals know it well that castor oil has always proven beneficial for promoting Healthy Hair Growth. Since, the oil is highly greasy, mix it with almond oil for easy application. After a very mild massage, cover your hair with a silk scarf and leave it overnight. It has the power to treat serious hair problems like baldness, alopecia, spots and thinning hair.


2.       Apple cider vinegar tincture

Vinegar has the power to remove all those toxinsfrom your scalp that are responsible for hair growth arrest. Dilute one part of vinegar with two parts of water and rinse your hair thoroughly with this solution, at least two times a week. Not only does it promote Healthy Hair Growth, but it also provides lustre, strength and shine to your hair.


3.       Egg Yolk and Olive Oil Hair mask

The little chick inside the shell is loaded with proteins, fatty acids and vitamins like A, D and E which are essential for growth of your hair. Depending upon the volume of your hair, 1 portion of egg yolk should be thoroughly mixed with 1 portion of olive oil and should be applied on your hair like a mask. After leaving it for half an hour, you can rinse it off with an herbal shampoo.


4.       The Rosemary, Aloe Vera and the burdock oil treatment

Loaded with calcium, vitamins and essential nutrients for your hair, this recipe will never dissatisfy you. Mix 1 teaspoon each of burdock and lavender oil, Aloe Vera gel and herbs like rosemary and basil and feel the change within 2 months of usage.

5.       The Rosemary and Banana Mask

Yes, the most easily available fruit can feed your hair roots very efficiently. With banana you can rapidly achieve long and thick hair. Pick up a perfectly ripened banana and mash it well. Add a few drops of rosemary oil and apply it on your hair like a mask. While the treatment is on, cover your hair mask with a cap, or preferably with a wet towel for half an hour. Repeat this at least 2 times a week and see the little hairs sprouting up within 1.5 months of usage.


6.       Avocado, Bhringraj and Curry Leaves recipe

Well, this recipe not only promotes Healthy Hair Growth to the highest intensity, it also inhibits premature graying of hairs. Boil the curry leaves with coconut oil for about 10 minutes, cool it and then add 1 teaspoon of avocado and Bhringraj oil to the recipe. Massage it on your hair and leave it overnight. In the morning, wash it with a mild shampoo or Reetha, to feel a big difference within 2 months of usage.