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Easy ways to make money online without Investment

ways to make money online

Easy ways to make money online: There isn’t any lack of skilled workers in countries like India. But still, the unemployment rate stays massively high. Even if you get a job, you are generally not satisfied with your monthly pay check- owing to the progressively rising prices of all essential and non- essential commodities and services. The only solution to such a financial crisis is probably looking for alternative sources to earn money. Yes! You can easily  earn money online great additional income with zero investments by adopting some of these ideas. These jobs are not only quick and easy, but some people have left their unsatisfactory monthly jobs and adopted these methods instead for their livelihood, and in fact, they are now living a very lavish life!

  1. Become a freelancer

If you got the skills, thousands of employers across the globe are looking forward to pay you! Writers, Designers, Developers, Salesperson, Marketing agents, Engineers and even jobs like Data Typing are high on demand. In fact, if you have got any skill, a person sitting in another corner of the world, may require you badly! There are several safe and secure sites like oDesk, Upwork, Elance, Freelancer and mTurk by Amazon, from where you can earn lots of money by doing simple tasks online. For example, once you sign up for Upwork, you are required to choose a job of your choice from the thousands of job opportunities posted by clients. If your client thinks you are fit for the job, he will hire you and you need to get the job done according to the agreed deal, and then get paid! Some jobs can be as simple as copy pasting contents from a site to an excel sheet!

  1. Share your views through Blogging or YouTubing

Opening up a YouTube channel or running a blogging site like Blogger or WordPress can pay you. You can add any content or video of your choice according to your preferred audiences. If your posts are really worth it and you get thousands of likes and shares, ads can pay you. Once your posts get sufficient views, subscribing to Google Adsense, Media-fire or YouTube’s Monetization with Ads, can increase your bank balance with each click!


      1. Run a website

      You can also start your own website for absolutely free through online website development platforms like wix and weebly. They have got everything you need to make a great website, initially, at free of cost! Once you attract viewers or customers to your site, you need to pay a petty amount to get the domain and the site registered in your name. After you do this, you can once again contact Google Adsense, Mediafire, Flipkart and Amazon affiliate program to run their ads on your website and get paid in return.

          1. Earn loyalty points with eBooks

          Now, no need to go to the publisher house, get your stories printed by investing money and waste paper! The world now prefers eBooks instead. If you are a great writer, you got the opportunity to publish your book online and get paid. You can simply type a story, fiction, nonfiction, academic or perhaps a life improvement book on a word file, convert it to a Pdf file and get it uploaded at the Amazon Kindle. You can earn up to 70% of loyalty points from Amazon!