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Dealing with a break up on social networking sites?

Social Networking Sites

He sent you a friend request, you accepted, and the story started. Seem like just a few days back you found the love of your life on a social networking sites and shared some awesome moments. But soon quarrels started, arguments began, facts got exposed and you eventually ended up having a break up. Now how do you deal with this biggest crisis of your life? Here are some Do’s and Dont’s that will sure shortly help you in overcoming or dealing with breakups:

  1. Don’t post anything about your ex

Posting what you feel about your breakup, as statuses,not only tags you as an attention seeker but also gives an open invitation for more troubles from your ex.  Being bitchy can help you overcome stress, but it’s always better to have it in private with your best friend than in front of the world.

  1. Stop Spying your ex

The more you think or look at your ex, the more it gets difficult to forget. Don’t you remember the Jab We Met Movie where Kareena asks Shahid to flush off the picture of his ex? Yes, it literally works. And on Social Networking sites it works even much better by blocking your ex and reporting him as spam (well, only to show off your anger!).

  1. Don’t try to add your ex’s new boyfriend or girlfriend

If you really want to move on, then adding your ex’s present relations to your friend list and asking how’s it going on?Won’t ever help!Instead try making new friends or share your thoughts with your much better ‘offline’ friends to forget the bad and live the present.

  1. Self-harm is not the solution

Whether offline or online, teenagers have the tendency to cry and hurt themselves after breakups. It’s not only illegal but also inhumane! Your world doesn’t end after one person leaves. Your parents and friends are your greatest support and strength and if you don’t want so many people to cry and be sorrowful because of you, you must make this idea a big flop on the very first note!

  1. Don’t start haunting your ex

Cyber stalking is creating a great havoc. If you are amongst those who cannot easily leave something they want to possess, then running after your ex and forcing him or her to be yours will never bring him or her back to your life. True love knows no bondages and you can never force someone to love you, if he doesn’t wants to. If he or she is really meant for you, then the world would go round one day and nature would do something to bring the person back to your life.

  1. Concentrate more on yourself

Life is bestowed to us only once and you cannot afford to waste it. The world needs you, so think of doing productive works after a breakup. Keep yourself so busy that you don’t even get flashes of your ex’s memories. Not only does this help in forgetting your ex, but it also helps in shaping a great career and reforming you in a new way.