Some cool science experiments that every kid must try

By | January 15, 2017

Kids are curious and peculiar creatures. Some easy and cool science experiments fuel up their curiosity levels and help them to develop fast. Well, provided you are vigilant enough, you can set up a cool science lab for your kid right at your home. One may think that the setup and the requirement list may be too fanatic, but in fact, science experiments for kids at home are fun, exciting, and most of all, easy and cheap.The materials for your kid’s science lab are hidden within your home. Want to know the secret?It’s time to go back to your childhood through your kids with these 3 super easy, knowledgeable and cool science experiments:

  1. Explore density

Explore Density

In a bowl, place approximately three tablespoons of vegetable oil. Carefully add drops of food colour into the oil. Mix the colourful liquid gently with a fork- just right enough to disperse the food colour a little bit. You’ll notice it doesn’t mix with the oil- it just breaks up into smaller dots. Pour the oily and the colour mixture into a jar of warm water (3/4th filled).Watch as the coloured drops sink down into the water and blend along making a mind-numbing firework effect!

It’s to do with the density of each liquid.  The food colour dissolves into the water, but the oil won’t.  By mixing the oil and food colour together first, you slow the process of blending. The food colours drop down into the water, because it is denser than the oil, while the oil stays on prime of the water as it is less dense than water.  When the food colour eventually starts to combine with the water, it creates a tiny explosion, like a firework.

2. Bending Water with Static electricity

Bending Water with Static electricity

Well, this one is cooler. You can try bending water with static current – produced by combing your hair or rubbing it with an inflated balloon.

Turn on the water so it is falling from the tap in a narrow stream, just a few millimetres across but not as droplets.Run the comb around 10 times through your hair simply, just as you normally would while brushing your hair. If you are employing a balloon, then rub it back and forth against your hair for a couple of seconds. Slowly move the comb or the balloon towards the narrow water stream, without touching it, while watching closely to see what happens.The static electricity you had built up by combing your hair or rubbing it against the balloon attracts the water stream, bending it towards the comb or balloon-like magic!

This happens because when you run a comb/balloon through your hair, electrons from your hair get collected on the comb. These have a negative charge. Since the comb/balloon has a negative charge; it gets attracted to objects that have a Positive charge.

3. Making an invisible ink

Making an invisible ink

Yes, you can make a veiled writing to send a secret message to your friend! Mix 2 tablespoon of vinegar with few drops of water in a bowl. Dip the cotton bud and write your message on a white paper. Wait for it to dry. The paper will look as if nothing has been written on it. Try to read the matter by bringing it near a heated bulb/candle and see your words gradually appear on the white paper.

This happened because vinegar is an organic substance that gets oxidised and turns brown when it comes in contact with heat. Upon dilution with water to make the ink, vinegar becomes more invisible. You can try this experiment with alternative sources like milk, lemon juice, onion juice or honey.


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