Why does your child need sex education in schools?

By | October 21, 2017

With certain social taboos in countries like India, the question arises whether it is right to give sex education in schools or abandon even the thought of it! But the truth is that,the more you restrict an adolescent or a teenager from something provocative, the more likely he or she will be curious to know about it.

The Issue

Those teenagers, who do not get the right sex education at the right time, end up having raw and warped ideas of sex, especially from the misleading pornographic world on the internet. In fact, sex education in school was much hyped and tried to enforce in the last decade due to the brutal effects of porn. About 9% of teenagers in India get pregnant every year due to lack of awareness and proper sex education. The number of people living with STDs like HIV is, as high as 2.08 million in India.

Still, the importance of sexual health remains controversial, largely because of disagreements between the notions of political leaders, parental control and views over the content of sex education, moral values and etiquette that requires to be incorporated during sex education and gender inequality in certain countries.

Parents refrain from getting their child know about sex during the teenage. But, they forget that this is exactly the age when their child undergoes physical as well as psychological changes and is prone to negative exposure. Absence of proper sex education is an open invitation to health and social hazards, as well as chances of transmission of sexually transmitted diseases and unintended pregnancy increase.

What one learns in a sex education class?

A right sex educator gives young people information about:

  • Sexual Reproduction and Biological development – including physical and emotional changes, fertilisation and conception, puberty and the hazards of sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Sexuality – clearing their concepts about homosexuality and heterosexuality
  • Relationships – understanding the core values and the social sex culture. The boundaries of love, commitment and marriages in the society and the cultural views on sex.
  • Birth Control and Contraception – above all, the prime important aim of sex education is to aware young people about protection and after effects of unsafe and unguarded intercourse. A proper explanation of types of contraceptives, how to use them, side effects associated with them and abortions, is given during these classes.

Sex education is not only essential in schools, but a child’s best educator would be his or her parent’s or guardian. Young people who have one on one discussion with their parents at the right time are seen to have lesser problems associated with sex, than those families and parental relationships who shy away from such topics.

However, classes at schools are always considered as the most professional sex educators as they are taught by trained professionals. These sex educators are hired to give a clear cut and accurate information about everything associated with sex and sex health. Some schools even have specific centers where the student can have a private and secret conversation or ask for help for an on-going sex related issue with a sex educator or a psychological expert.


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