Best time to have sex – sex education guide to a sensual schedule

By | November 2, 2017

Best time to have sex: Time and again we are told that, it is always important to do the right thing at the right time. And, the logic applies to your sex life as well! Certain chunks of the day or month or a particular mood can boost up your active sex life to an epic pleasurable level. Such smart and intelligent timing can help you reach better levels of orgasm and will make you love for longer.

Best time to have sex and here is your ultimate guide to a sensual sex schedule:

  • Highest level of orgasm for women
    Sex therapist, Laurie Watson says that women experience thrilling orgasm just one or two days before they get their periods. At this time, your uterus is heavy and filled with blood. Thus, it is susceptible to multiple contractions. Also, your clitoris becomes extra sensitive when your man tries to touch it. What you can not achieve on normal days, these two days have the power to show you what ultimate pleasure actually means.


  • Morning sex works best for men
    After a good night’s sleep, men like to get intimate. Keeping the alarm on snooze and initiating sex, right when your man tries to wake up, can surprise him and keep both of you happy all day long! Sex in the morning helps in releasing a feel good hormone, called Oxycontin, which keeps you feel loved and passionate.
    Did you know? Morning sex also lessens the risk of heart attacks and heart associated diseases, strengthen up your immune system and improves the quality and texture of your hair, skin and nails.


  • After a bitter day or when you are scared
    If you see your partner upset about something, then approaching and being passionate with him or her can psychologically keep your partner away from all the worries. When we fear about something or are stressed out, then we have high adrenaline levels pumping into our bloodstream. Making love during such times lowers the stress levels and vibrates your inner soul. However, make sure you set the mood right and don’t straight away bump into your partner in the urge of sex during his or her bad times. Talk, console and make your partner feel passionate before having the real thing. Remember, you will indulge in this sex to make your partner happy, not to annoy him or her!

  • When you aren’t busy
    Imagine you have a business meeting the next day and have a presentation to prepare- will you prepare your presentation or rather do sex? Have sex only when you are done with all your day’s work and have hours to spend time with your partner. Best love making practices are done slowly and with passion. Hurried and unfocused sex can spoil relationships as well.


  • Best time to have sex to avoid pregnancy
    Though there is no sure way of dealing with pregnancy, the time of ovulation, that is 12 to 14 days after you get your periods, have the least chances of formation of a zygote. Medically, these are the days of the month when you are least fertile. However, in actual practice there is no best time to have sex to not get pregnant. It’s always better to use Plan A’s and Plan B’s to be almost sure about not getting pregnant.


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