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8 interesting Kamasutra Secrets you didn’t know about


Kamasutra, the ancient book of sex, love, pleasure, passion and sex therapy, is an ultimate guide for having a steamy, raunchy, exotic, smooth and happy sex life. Kamasutra was written by an ancient Indian writer, Vatsyayana between 1st to 4th Century A.D. The original book was written in Sanskrit and the contents that are today available in the market are not even 5/6th of the original. Here are the 8 secrets and myths about Kamasutra:

Unlike today, the ancient people and the land of Hindus respected sex and didn’t have a narrow minded view towards it. The book is more about giving the right knowledge of sex, sex therapy, sexual disorders, love, sex positions, successful marriage, and female excellence and more. However, the 21st century sees Kamasutra as a book that just holds exciting sex positions to indulge in during love making.

During those days, if a man couldn’t satisfy a woman because of some disorders, he can excite the passion of his woman with the help of ‘Apadravyas’. These were similar to modern day dildos and were made up of soft and provocative material like bottle gourd, wood apple, wood and others that represented penis(or lingam) and were used to excite her Yoni (vulva) and love seed.

This part of the book is one of the most difficult to put into actual practice. The acrobatic Kamasutra positions gives the most intense sexual pleasure one could ever dream of, but in turn require the couples to possess a strong, enduring and acrobatic body. These sex stunts can be done in sitting, standing, laying and other enduring positions. By the words of the book, this practice should be started at a young age to achieve proficiency.

The book also gives a detailed input about the art of embracing, caressing, foreplay and kissing before you actually love making.

An active sex life can be a curse, if not handled properly. Sex when blinded by lust, fierce energy and extreme desire can be a disaster. The book says that the youth is the right time for pleasure and the energy during the sexual intercourse should be right enough to not hurt any of the participating members, either physically or emotionally. Having a control over your organs, is the prime rule of a healthy sexual life.

As wrongly perceived by the Western world, Kamasutra isn’t a manual of Tantric Sex – practices that are capable of elevating couples to an extreme spiritual sexual feeling. While, Kamasutra does describe some part of it, but Tantric sex is an improvised version of the original text.

The Mrigi is a soft and tender girl with well-proportioned body and Yoni of six units. The Vadava or Ashwini is a fleshy and a woman with beautiful flower like body and yoni of nine units. And, the Karini is a sinful woman with large breasts and broad features with yoni of twelve units.

Some exciting sex positions detailed in the book Kamasutra are – Twining, Rising, fixing of nail, crab, lotus, turning, supported and suspended congress, congress of cow, congress of the herd, united congress, half pressed, clasping, Indrani, splitting of bamboo, union of the bird, gramaneri and more. The book also details about group, gay and lesbian sex.