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5 most successful people who started with nothing

Successful People Story: Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar had failed class 10th, Dhirubai Ambani started as a worker at the petrol pump – do real life stories like these inspire you to become a billionaire one day? Well, if you still don’t have anything to start with and have the right courage and the right skills, you can gear yourself up to change the world one day. Here is the list of top 5 inspiring people who started with nothing, and today, they probably have everything what a common man aspires to have all throughout his life:

5 most successful people who started with nothing

  1. Jan Koum

He lived on foot stomps with his family and cleaned floors for his daily livelihood, before he co-founded the revolutionary real time messaging app – WhatsApp, along with Brian Acton. Needless to say that the App have uprooted the very existence of text messaging and has become the most essential tool of modern day smartphone communication, beating all its rival apps. Prosperity of Jan Koum reached to heights when he decided to sell out WhatsApp to Facebook by worth $19 billion.

  1. Howard Schultz

He too was one of those people who lived on the tracks, however, in a recent admittance; he said that while living on those tracks, he always dreamt of climbing the fence and reaching to the other side where people with more money, more resources and more happiness, lived. Schultz started his career by working at Xerox and was soon able to take over a small coffee shop with only 60 outlets, then, called Starbucks. Since 1987, and until now, Schultz has been able to successfully change the concept of ‘hangout over a coffee’ and the coffee chain now has more than 16, 000 outlets worldwide.

  1. Oprah Winfrey

As a child and a teenager, she had to suffer several abuses and financial hardships. Even though, Oprah was born in a poor family, she worked day and night to grab the scholarship for admittance to Tennessee State University. Thanks to her excellent communication skills, she bragged the first African – American TV correspondent, when she was just 19. Her popularity with net worth $3 billion became reality when she took to the heights the famous AM Talk show, now known as, ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’.

  1. Jack Ma

His life started as an embarrassing mess; however, he never failed to aspire higher. He started his career as a worker in the KFC. However, when he was on a business trip to the US, he was astonished to see the success of e-commerce in the west. He recreated that in China, and established ‘Alibaba’, operated then from a small apartment. Today, it is one of the most established e-commerce chains and is more than net worth $20 billion.

  1. Fred DeLuca

Today with a net worth of $18 billion, Fred DeLuca is a proud owner of the famous sandwich fast food restaurant chain – Subway. DeLuca was a bright student; however, he and his family couldn’t afford the college fees. It was then, that he gave the idea of this less fattening and fare – friendly fast food venture to family friend Dr. Peter Buck, who supported him with money.It was just 32 stores at the start and today, it has more outlets than McDonalds possess and is established in more than 98 countries.

Hope you have learnt something from these most Successful People.